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Ongoing changes to tax legislation means that tax returns can be difficult to understand which can in turn, lead to a greater risk of taxpayers incurring penalties. Arguably one of the biggest concerns for businesses and individuals, the team here at Moore’s Accountancy can help you to manage and keep on top of your tax.

Below are just some of our areas of expertise:

Personals and Digital Tax Returns in Stoke on Trent

Personal Tax Returns

It is vital that you keep records of your receipts and statements so you can fill in your personal tax return properly.

  • Completed well ahead of the filing deadline to enable a review, with you, which will ensure that the absolute minimum of tax and NI is payable.
  • No penalties
  • No interest
  • Investigations handled
  • Appeals initiated

Digital Tax

From 1 April 2019 all businesses, with a turnover above £85,300, will be required, by HMRC, to submit, digitally, returns quarterly. This is the most radical and far-reaching change, to fiscal law, since the introduction of Self Assessment Tax Returns, and its mandatory.

  • We’ll set it all up, for you, and submit the returns.
  • You’ll be compliant and on time.
  • Tax liabilities will be optimised.
  • Penalties will be avoided.
  • Your legal obligations will be satisfied by…

Appeals & Tax Investigations in Stoke on Trent

Tax Investigations

  • It happens. HMRC have never been as active, in opening enquiries and then turning them into full-blown investigations. Our experience of doing battle with HMRC goes back more than 20 years. We like to win.

International Reciprocal Tax Arrangements

  • If you’ve paid tax, in another country, that has a reciprocal tax arrangement with HMRC UK, then you don’t have to pay UK tax, and you may be due to a refund.
  • We’ll sort it all out, for you.

Tax Appeals

  • So, you didn’t get around to doing your tax returns, for a few years, and HMRC got a bit hacked off. First, they gave you a little nudge – £100 penalty. You forgot about it. They get a bit more serious – £500. Ouch. But it’s not over yet, they decide to issue you with an assessment of the tax that they think you owe. They’ve got no idea, really, they just want to wake you up. Oh, and they charge interest, too.
  • No worries. We’ll appeal to you.

“Moore’s appealed against penalties and interest, amounting to £11, 336.45, on my behalf, in November 2017. I was delighted to receive a letter, from HMRC, on 22 December 2017, which said – I’ve accepted your appeal under Section 54 Taxes Management Act 1970. I’ve cancelled the penalties and updated your records accordingly – Nice Christmas present.” – S Khurshid. – Tax Investigation in Stoke on Trent Claim

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