Dealing with tax investigations in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme

HMRC have never been as active in opening enquiries and then turning them into full-blown¬†investigations. Our experience of doing battle with HMRC goes back more than 20 years and we like to win. If you’ve unexpectedly found yourself at the heart of a tax investigation, speak to our expert team today to see how we can help you.

Whether you are a business or individual facing a tax investigation, you don’t need to deal with it alone. At Moore’s Accountancy, we understand that tax investigations can bring with them a lot of stress and in most instanced, they can also put pressure on your business in terms of burning time and money. For this reason, we pride ourselves on offering clients a comprehensive tax investigation service.

Tax Investigations Stoke on Trent

How likely is a tax investigation?

Most UK businesses will face a routine tax audit at some point, especially if you have employees that are paid through PAYE. More serious tax investigations are likely if HMRC suspects your tax returns are inaccurate. This process can be very stressful and it is vital that you seek professional support as soon as the investigation begins.

Tax investigations are more likely to occur if:

  • Tax returns are filed late
  • Tax returns are filed with errors or their are inconsistencies
  • Your reported costs appear to be unusually high for your business type
  • you have income from a property
  • HMRC has received a tip off

Please note: The above are just some of the possible causes for an investigation.

Receiving notification of a tax audit or tax investigation

If you or your business is the subject of a tax investigation, HMRC will contact you by sending you a letter requesting information. The letter should detail which area of your tax return they will be investigating – alternatively it may explain that you will be the subject of a full investigation. If you have received a letter of investigation, a member of the Moore’s Accountancy team can help to explain what the suspected problem is and support you through the process.

Our approach is to professionally handle the request in writing on your behalf,¬† so there’s no complicated jargon for you to deal with and no stressful phone calls or meetings to attend alone.

Don’t Delay – Request an Appointment to Discuss your Tax Investigation Today

Working with you, we will put our wealth of experience and expertise to work to ensure that you receive the most favourable outcome, regardless of the reason behind the dispute. For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. With more than 20 years industry experience, we are the go to choice for handling tax investigations in Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme.